Grow Your Brand with Custom Short Links

July 08, 2024
11 mins read
Grow Your Brand with Custom Short Links

Grow Your Brand with Custom Short Links: A Comprehensive Guide for 4etch Users

In today's digital landscape, brand visibility and user engagement are paramount. At, we understand the importance of leveraging the right tools to boost your brand’s online presence. One such tool is the custom short link. This guide will help you understand how to grow your brand using custom short links, highlighting the unique benefits and features offered by 4etch.

What Are Custom Short Links?

Custom short links are shortened URLs that include a branded domain. Instead of using a generic shortener like, you can create links such as These links are more memorable, trustworthy, and provide better brand recognition.

Benefits of Using Custom Short Links on 4etch

  1. Enhanced Brand Recognition Custom short links ensure that your brand is always visible, even in something as simple as a URL. This constant visibility helps in reinforcing your brand identity every time the link is shared.
  2. Improved Click-Through Rates (CTR) Studies show that branded links can improve CTR by up to 39%. Users are more likely to click on links that they recognize and trust. With 4etch’s custom short links, you can significantly increase your engagement rates.
  3. Better Tracking and Analytics 4etch provides detailed analytics for each custom short link. Track clicks, geographic locations, devices used, and more. These insights are crucial for understanding your audience and refining your marketing strategies.
  4. Link Management and Retargeting Easily manage all your links in one place. Update, delete, or redirect links as needed. Additionally, integrate retargeting pixels to recapture audience attention through subsequent ads.

How to Create Custom Short Links with 4etch

Creating custom short links with 4etch is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for an Account If you haven’t already, sign up for a 4etch account. The process is quick and ensures you get access to all premium features for free.
  2. Choose Your Branded Domain Select or connect a branded domain that reflects your business. This domain will be used for all your custom short links.
  3. Create Your Short Link Enter the long URL you want to shorten and customize the slug (the part after the domain) to make it relevant and memorable.
  4. Analyze and Optimize Use 4etch’s analytics tools to monitor the performance of your short links. Adjust your marketing strategies based on the data you collect.

Best Practices for Using Custom Short Links

  1. Keep It Simple and Relevant Your custom short links should be easy to read and relevant to the content they lead to. Avoid using random strings of characters.
  2. Promote Across All Channels Share your custom short links across all marketing channels—social media, emails, blogs, etc. Consistent use will help in building brand recognition.
  3. Monitor Performance Regularly Regularly check the performance of your links using 4etch’s analytics. Identify trends and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.


Custom short links are a powerful tool for enhancing brand visibility, improving engagement, and gaining valuable insights. By using 4etch’s comprehensive platform, you can easily create and manage these links, ensuring your brand stands out in the crowded digital space. Start leveraging custom short links today and watch your brand grow with 4etch.

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